Adult female wanting spqnked by mother

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Adult female wanting spqnked by mother

The leggings come down pretty quickly to reveal Sarah's already pink bottom.Mommy spanks Sarah on her panties and bare bottom before switching to the dreaded Mason Pearson hairbrush which Sarah hates.I need some kind of accountability, because in a lot of respects, I’m apathetic about almost everything, and there is no limit to my ability to fail.My boyfriend brought up a couple months ago spanking in sex, which I liked because we’re both fairly aggressive and it’s just another form of play.I started thinking though about spanking as more than just foreplay, something closer to d/s.I thought about spanking as a ‘punishment’, a way to be accountable for the little things I need help with.Linny was spanked at school for being a terrible and mean brat to her teacher and the other students.When mommy questions her about this, she tries to lie about why she was spanked.

Hey people this is a very weird scary and special thing to tell the world, but I feel like telling the world because I need some advise, and people who are familar to the problem might help.

Her missed assignments, bad grades, laziness, and the list just goes on.

Sarah's teacher suggests a form of "correction" to deal with Sarah's bad behavior at school and wants her mother to carry out this "correction." Mom doesn't take anymore time and pulls Sarah right over her lap for a spanking.

My dad was holding some papers in his hand and he didn't look too happy.

He asked me if I had ever driven across a red light at anytime.

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She has five daughters,youngest is 5 and oldest is 17.