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The DNS management tasks which can now be performed in IPAM are: These operations are supported for both Active Directory integrated DNS as well as DNS servers which store the zones and records in a file.

A DNS zone is typically hosted on more than one DNS servers for high availability reasons.

There are two methods that we’ll discuss: forwarding and Conditional Forwarding.

Internal name queries are handled by the Internal DNS server.

With Windows 2000, zones were stored in the domain naming context (domain partition)—meaning that zone information was replicated to every DC in the domain.

Even if the DNS component had not been installed and running on a specific DC, this same DC would still have DNS zone information replicated to its domain partition.

We need to allow zone transfers, if you value your DNS records, you do not want to select “To any server” but make sure you click on “Only to servers listed on the Name Servers tab” Head over to the “Name Servers” tab, click Add You will get “New Name Server Record” window, type in the name of your secondary DNS server.

it is always better to validate by name not IP address to avoid future problems in case your IP addresses change.

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Recursive Name Query Forwarded queries are sent as a recursive.