Patrick and kristen ghost mine dating sex dating in stewartstown pennsylvania

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Patrick and kristen ghost mine dating

When Kristen Luman was only 12 years old, she started a ghost club in her hometown, held séances at slumber parties and cleared the local library of all books on things that go bump in the night.

The previous crew supposedly fled of the mine in fear of “Tommy-Knockers” (an old-time miner superstition), which inspires the owner to hire a pair of paranormal investigators to join the grizzled workers.If you’ve ever been on a paranormal investigation, you understand that most of the time you come up empty-handed, so how do these guys come up with incredible evidence every single week?and we finish up the interview with advice for amateur investigators. Do it for your own experience.” And that you really only need three items when you go out: Follow Patrick on Twitter and make sure to give him a like on Facebook, he’s a serious-minded investigator that I hope we hear a lot more from in the future.And I can see the cracks in the foundation, there’s a hole in the door from the fights waged here before.Let’s not get caught with our pants down, I won’t get busted with my fingers in the cookie jar again.

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