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Because she followed her own smitten heart, she wound up spending 2.5 years in an Argentinian jail for unwittingly attempting to smuggle cocaine sewn into the lining of a suitcase at her “lover’s” request.

Now for the tale of a victim who didn’t have a savvy fiancé to save her.

New Zealand woman Sharon Armstrong, who lost ,000 and was jailed for cocaine trafficking after being conned in an elaborate online dating scam, wants to save others from going through similar heartache.

Despite years of warnings and campaigns, Australians are still losing tens of millions of dollars to romance scams every year.

Once in London, however, the deal played out just like it always does… told him that he would need £10,000 for his agent to open a bank account, and another ,750.00 as a trust processing fee when the money transaction took place.

Harrison Odiawa (aka Abu Belgore), pictured below, was convicted in a Lagos, Nigeria court to 376 years for advance fee fraud, obtaining by false pretence, conspiracy and forgery. With those, Blick believed he was ready to pick up the 20 million and decided London was the place to make it happen.

But after she plunged into debt taking out credit cards, bank loans, pay day loans and letting him use her bank account in a bid to release £4million in gold from Ghana that he promised her, the 65-year-old found not only had she been conned and financially ruined, she also faced a conviction for money laundering.But before she fell into the trap and realized she’d been scammed, there was talk of their future together, along with daily phone calls, emails, and texts.Whoever he or they were, they were working her hard: computer forensics that would come later would discover more than 7,000 emails over the course of 5.5 months."I wasn't comfortable with the whole process, so I decided to unsubscribe from the site," she said."However, my profile remained live for a further three days — it was in this time that I was contacted by a very handsome-looking man."He said the most fabulous things and we began an online relationship in terms of texting, emailing, talking on the phone — we'd talk on the phone every day."The man — who was using a stolen identity — told Ms Armstrong he had to move to the UK and five months later asked her to visit him, but to also collect a briefcase of documents on her way, via Argentina.She was stopped by customs officials at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires where they found cocaine hidden in the seams of the briefcase.

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It all started several years ago when Armstrong signed up for an online dating site, met a guy, and "fell hard and fast" in her words.

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