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In a later one-on-one interview with NBC Latino, Jackson said, "We are either bound by suffering and marginalization or bound by hope," in response to how Latinos can overcome their national, ethnic and cultural differences."Those who are facing immigrant challenges of gaining citizenship are bound by that. Jesse Jackson compared Latinos and Mexicans who would help build President Donald Trump's proposed border wall to "blacks building slave ships" as he exhorted Hispanics and communities of color to unite under common, shared values. When we don’t, we lose," said Jackson to a packed crowd at the Hispanicize conference, an annual event that brings together Latino influencers, bloggers and journalists.Jackson held a "fireside chat" moderated by UNICEF'S Claudia González Romo, who asked Jackson how Latinos can overcome the challenge of galvanizing their combined economic and political clout amid the current social and political climate.“We really don’t want anyone to pull you out of the story.” Similarly, “12 Years a Slave” — based on the memoir of Solomon Northup, a free man sold into slavery — also tells a harrowing tale of historic significance.“When you have a story that means so much to so many people, it’s daunting,” says casting directing Francine Maisler.The characters comprising this year’s SAG-nominated ensembles are based on either real people or memorable stage characters.

Commonly known as the “Everest Twins,” Nungshi and Tashi are already world-famous mountaineers in their mid-20s.

Go Girl Pakistan provides girls with a safe place to play soccer and other sports via no-cost clinics run by professional women coaches. Rabia Qadir — the field hockey player Rabia played for Pakistan’s national women’s field hockey team in 2003 and coached the country’s under-18 women’s team.

In 2012, she was named Best Female Player by the Pakistan Hockey Federation.

Rich Delia, who cast “Dallas Buyers Club” with Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee, says the fundamental challenge was finding actors who felt authentic.

“When you’re playing people that are based on real people in such intense circumstances, you really want to cast people that have an understanding and a respect for that,” Delia says.

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Jackson said at Wednesday's talk that he flew to Miami late Tuesday night “with a great sense of spiritual urgency,” a day after being in Memphis for the anniversary of the assassination of the late King.

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