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“I don’t know whether I can really do this the way that I would like to see myself do it.

He has sung on-stage with The Rolling Stones, recorded as-yet-unreleased material with his hero Ben E King, and on Caustic Love’s “Fashion”, he shares a microphone with one of 2014’s most enigmatic A-listers, Janelle Monáe (“she wiped the floor with me,” he says). We've got a three-part horn section, the Horns Of Thunder, and the brass maestro Gavin "The Hitman" Fitzjohn has been doing all the arrangements. One of them came just as I walked off stage and it landed on my mic stand. A couple of President Obama's aides asked you over, is that right? President Truman, you know, loved the mantelpiece in the banquet room so much that, when his reign ended, he tried to saw it off and take it with him! Have you ever been invited to the Scottish Parliament? I don't see why my look is in any way distinctive, so it surprises me. One review I read talked about your "Timotei hair and Angelina Jolie lips". You don't write music - so how do you make sure people are playing what's in your head? It's the only reason I'm involved in music - the hope that I'm going to have some underwear thrown at me. Changing tack slightly, you were invited to the White House… No underwear was thrown at me there, unfortunately. But I had a chance to take it all in and find out some of the quirks of the last presidents. But my girlfriend is here [turns to face his girlfriend] "Have I got Angelina Jolie lips? His second album, Sunny Side Up, went straight to number one in the UK, and he was asked to visit the White House during a recent US tour. Last night, we had a power failure and all the vocals managed to cut out - so hopefully this evening the same won't happen. But everybody else got a handshake and I got a high five. The 22-year-old spoke to BBC News reporter Mark Savage shortly before his biggest British show to date at London's Hammersmith Apollo last month.

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